About the Palestinian Timeline

About the Palestinian Timeline


Conceived by the Institute for Palestine Studies as part of a joint project with the Palestinian Museum, The Interactive Timeline of the Palestine Question traces the history of modern Palestine, from the end of the Ottoman era to the present.

Start by exploring its backbone: a detailed Overall Chronology of the main events that shaped Palestinian history in the realms of war, diplomacy, culture, economy, and many other topics.

Some of these events form part of Thematic Chronologies, allowing you to access with a single click the milestones of the PLO’s history, the main United Nations resolutions, the different stages of Arab-Israeli wars and negotiations rounds, and many other crucial developments in Palestinian history.

For a deeper understanding of the main events and dimensions of the Palestine Question, discover an ever-growing number of Highlights written by leading academics and experts in the field.

Don’t forget to discover the Biographies of Palestinian intellectuals, artists, activists, combatants and politicians who championed the cause of Palestine over the 20th Century and left their mark on history.

And don’t leave the platform without having browsed the Documents section through hundreds of historical texts, photographs, maps and charts that exemplify the great diversity of Palestine, past and present.

The platform will continue to be populated with valuable content. If you don't find the content you're looking for do visit the platform again or contact us at  paljourneys@palestine-studies.org