Event: Draft Security Council Resolution S/2014/916

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Presented by Jordan, the draft contains the following main principles: to attain a negotiated solution within 12 months; borders to be based on 4 June 1967 border with mutually agreed, limited, and equivalent land swaps; a just and agreed solution to the Palestine refugee question based on the Arab Peace Initiative and resolution 194; Jerusalem as the capital of the two states; and eagerness to welcoming Palestine as a full Member State of the United Nations within the timeframe defined in the present resolution. The draft contains a reference to GA Resolution 181 of 1947. The UNSC rejects the draft resolution, with 8 members voting in favor, 2 opposing (the United States and Australia), and 5 abstaining (including the United Kingdom).

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31 December 2014 - 7 January 2015
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