Event: General Assembly Resolutions A/RES/ES-10/2 and A/RES/ES-10/3

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Due to "the failure of the Security Council to exercise its role in maintaining international peace and security owing to the use of the veto by a permanent member of the Council on two successive occasions in less than two weeks," most GA members approve the convening of an emergency special session (pursuant to "Uniting for peace" resolution), in order to discuss "Illegal Israeli actions in occupied East Jerusalem and the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territory." The GA adopts on 25 April Resolution A/RES/ES-10/2 that reiterates the principles contained in the draft Security Resolution S/1997/199, but adds to it, in particular, a provision recommending to the States, signatories of the Fourth Geneva Convention, "to take measures, on a national or regional level, in fulfillment of their obligations under Article 1 of the Convention, to ensure respect by Israel, the occupying Power, of the Convention." On 15 July, in Resolution A/RES/ES-10/3, the GA meets again and goes further: it "emphasizes the responsibilities, including personal ones, arising from persistent violations and grave breaches of the Geneva Convention" and recommends that the states signatories of the Convention convene a conference on measures to enforce it in the occupied Palestinian territory.

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1997/4/25 - 1997/7/15
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1997/04/25 to 1997/07/15
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First Draft
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General Assembly Resolution A/RES/ES-10/6
9 February 1999
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Draft Security Council Resolutions S/1997/199 and S/1997/241
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Regular event