Event: Draft Security Council Resolutions S/1997/199 and S/1997/241

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All members, except the US, vote on 7 March in favor of Draft Resolution S/1997/199 that expresses the deep concern of the SC "at the decision of the Government of Israel to initiate new settlement activities in the Jabal Abu Ghunaym area in East Jerusalem" and "calls upon the Israeli authorities to refrain from all actions or measures, including settlement activities, which alter the facts on the ground, pre-empting the final status negotiations, and have negative implications for the Middle East Peace Process." The draft is vetoed by the US. On 21 March, after the start of the construction, the majority of members vote in favor of Draft Resolution S/1997/241 demanding that Israel cease construction. The draft is vetoed by the US.

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1997/3/7 - 1997/3/21
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1997/03/07 to 1997/03/21
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General Assembly Resolutions A/RES/ES-10/2 and A/RES/ES-10/3
25 April 1997 - 15 July 1997
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Har Homa/Jabal Abu Ghunaym Settlement to Be Constructed
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