Event: Draft Security Council Resolutions S/19466, S/19780, S/20463, S/20677, and S/20945/Rev.1

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Having considered the Secretary-General's report requested by S/RES/605, most of the SC members vote in favor of draft SC Resolution S/19466 (dated 1 February), which calls upon Israel "to desist forthwith from its policies and practices which violate the human rights of the Palestinian people" and affirms "the urgent need to achieve, under the auspices of the United Nations, a comprehensive, just and lasting settlement of the Arab/Israeli conflict." The draft is vetoed by the US. Out of five draft resolutions dealing with Israeli practices in the occupied Palestinian territories that will be put to a vote between April 1988 and November 1989, only SC Resolution S/RES/641 deploring Israeli deportation of civilians will pass (with US abstention) on 30 August 1989. The four other drafts will be vetoed by the US: S/19780 (15 April 1988); S/20463 (17 February 1989); S/20677 (9 June 1989); and S/20945/Rev.1 (7 November 1989).

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1988/2/1 - 1989/11/7
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1988/02/01 to 1989/11/07
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Israel Deports Five Palestinians
27 August 1989
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Security Council Resolutions S/RES/607 and S/RES/608
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