Event: Draft Security Council Resolution S/21326

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The SC meeting is held in Geneva in order to enable PLO President Yasir Arafat to address the council. Arafat calls for sending a UN emergency force to the occupied territories to protect the Palestinians and with the purpose of ending the Israeli occupation. Most of the SC members vote in favor of a draft that would have established "a Commission consisting of three members of the Security Council, to be dispatched immediately to examine the situation relating to the policies and practices of Israel, the occupying Power, in the Palestinian territory, including Jerusalem, occupied by Israel since 1967." The draft is vetoed by the US.

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Diplomatic Violence

Security Council Resolutions S/RES/672 and S/RES/673
12 October 1990 - 24 October 1990
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Resurgence of Intifada, Worsening of Repression
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