Event: Israeli Army Crosses the Suez Canal Westwards

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Israel takes the initiative on the Egyptian front after an American spy plane discovers a gap between Egypt’s Second and Third Armies. An Israeli special force passes through this gap, reaching the east bank of the Canal, and then successfully crosses the canal south of Ismailiyya, near the Deversoir area. On the night of 17 October, Israeli military units begin to move south toward Suez and attack the Egyptian Third Army in the days that follows. This is a turning point in the Israeli counterattack on the canal front.

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1973/10/15 - 1973/10/22
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1973/10/15 to 1973/10/22
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Violence Diplomatic

Israeli Advance Continues and an International Nuclear Crisis Looms
23 October 1973 - 27 October 1973
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October War, From the 6th to 10th Day
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