Event: Israeli Advance Continues and an International Nuclear Crisis Looms

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Although the states in question (Egypt, Israel, and Syria) approve the Security Council resolution calling for a cease-fire, the Israeli military command continues advancing to strengthen the encirclement of the Third Egyptian Army. Faced with this violation of the Security Council resolution, the Soviet military command puts several brigades of paratroopers on alert, orders Soviet warships to advance toward Egypt's beaches, and warns President Nixon about the gravity of the situation on the Egyptian-Israeli front. The US administration takes this as a serious warning and consequently announces a state of high readiness in the US military and a nuclear alert on all US military bases. On 27 October, after strong pressure from the US, Israel commits to a cease-fire on the Egyptian front.

Timeline Date: 
1973/10/23 - 1973/10/27
Computed Date: 
1973/10/23 to 1973/10/27
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Kilometer 101 Talks
11 November 1973
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Security Council Resolution S/RES/338
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