Event: October War, From the 6th to 10th Day

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On the Syrian front, the Israeli government decides to advance toward Damascus and retake territory lost in the Golan. On 12 October, Israeli warplanes sink a Soviet ship while bombing the port city of Tartous. That same day, Iraqi tanks advance to rescue the Syrian forces, entering the battle for the first time. On 14 October, Israeli troops are stopped from advancing toward Damascus, and the Syrian-Israeli front turns into positional warfare. On the Egyptian front, Egyptian troops dig trenches along the whole east bank of the Suez Canal and neutralize Israeli counterattacks, and on 14 October the Egyptian command decides to launch a new attack. Consequently, a large tank battle—the largest since the end of World War II—takes place on the Egyptian-Israeli front, in which Egypt loses 250 tanks and Israel 40.

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1973/10/11 - 1973/10/14
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1973/10/11 to 1973/10/14
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Israeli Army Crosses the Suez Canal Westwards
15 October 1973 - 22 October 1973
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October War, 5th Day
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