Event: Absentee Property Law, 5710-1950

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In the wake of the Nakba, the Israeli authorities seek to "legalize" the confiscation of property left behind by Palestinian internal and external refugees. Intended to replace the "Emergency Regulations Regarding Absentee Property" issued in December 1948, this legislation is drafted in such a way as to define any Arab who left his residence during the war - regardless of whether he returned at a later stage - as an "absentee." Absentees’ property (both movable and immovable) is then automatically transferred to the "Custodian of Absentee Property," which in turn is allowed to sell it to a unique body, the "Development Authority."

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Legal Colonization

Development Authority (Transfer of Property) Law, 5710-1950
9 August 1950
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Emergency Regulations Regarding Absentee Property
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