Event: General Assembly Resolution 181 (II)

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The GA recommends the adoption and implementation of the Plan of Partition of Palestine by a two-third majority (33 to 13 votes with 10 abstentions). The resolution stipulates that independent Arab and Jewish States and a Special International Regime for the City of Jerusalem shall come into existence two months after the evacuation of the Mandatory armed forces but not later than 1 October 1948. It also creates a commission that will progressively administer evacuated areas and hand over responsibilities to the new states. The GA, in effect, allocates 55.5% of Palestine to the Jewish State; the envisioned Arab state would have a Jewish minority of 1%, but the Palestinians in the proposed Jewish State would constitute 47% of its population.

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Britain Recommends Date of Mandate Termination
8 December 1947
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UN Special Committee on Palestine Prepares its Proposals
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