Event: 8th Zionist Congress Is Held in the Hague

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The Zionist Congress decides to give precedence to practical colonization steps in Palestine (as opposed to obtaining an internationally recognized charter), to establish a Palestine branch of the organization, and to form a Palestine Land Development Company. The meeting is held in The Hague in order to give high visibility to the Zionist Congress during the Second International Peace Conference (June-October 1907), attended by representatives of world powers, that will lead to what is known as the 1907 Hague Convention.

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1907/7/14 - 1907/7/21
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1907/07/14 to 1907/07/21
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Institutional Policy/program

9th Zionist Congress Is Held in Hamburg
26 December 1909 - 30 December 1909
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7th Zionist Congress Is Held in Basel
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