Event: Palestinians Participate in the Establishment of Arab Nationalist Societies

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Shukri al-Husseini and Jamil al-Husseini from Jerusalem participate in founding the Arab-Ottoman Brotherhood Association in Istanbul in September 1908. However, the association is closed in Spring 1909 by the Young Turks, who stress the Turkish dimension in their policy at the expense of "Ottomanism." In Summer 1909, Jamil al-Husseini and Awni Abd al-Hadi are among the founders of the Literary Club; the club is given a nonpolitical name, but many of its members are Arab intellectuals who oppose the policy of "Turkification." Also in 1909, the Qahtani Association is established in Istanbul by Arab nationalists who include Ali Nashashibi from Jerusalem. Awni Abd al-Hadi, Rafiq al-Tamimi, and Rushdi al-Shawa participate in founding the Young Arab Society in Paris in 1911. Ali Nashashibi, Salim Abd al-Hadi (from Nablus), and Hafiz al-Sa'id (from Jaffa) are among the founders of the Ottoman Party for Administrative Decentralization in Cairo in 1912.

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1908/9 - 1912
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1908/09/01 to 1912/01/01
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