Event: Anti-Zionist Disturbances Break out in Palestine; Palin Commission of Inquiry

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Following anti-Zionist riots at the annual Nabi Musa festival, 5 Jews are killed and more than 200 are injured; 4 Palestinians are killed and 21 are injured. The British appoint a Commission of Inquiry headed by Major-General Philip Palin (Palin Commission of Inquiry). The commission will submit its report on 1 July, but the report will not be published due to Zionist pressure. Among the findings of the commission: an Arab sense of betrayal and disappointment at the nonfulfillment of British promises; inability to reconcile self-determination with the Balfour Declaration; fear of Jewish domination justified by the apparent control exercised by the Zionists over the administration; and the fact that "The Zionist Commission and the official Zionists by their impatience, indiscretion and attempts to force the hands of the Administration, are largely responsible for the present crisis."

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White Paper (Churchill) of 1922 Is Published
3 June 1922
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