Event: Scheduled Second Palestinian National Congress Cannot Meet

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The British Mandate authorities prevent the Second Palestinian National Congress from convening. (Participants had planned to protest the decision of the San Remo Conference incorporating the Balfour Declaration into the British Mandate over Palestine.) Some of the would-be participants--including Muhammad Ishaq Darwish, representing the Arab Club (based in Jerusalem); Fakhr al-Din al-Nashashibi, from the Literary Club in Jerusalem; Rashid al-Haj Ibrahim, delegate of the Muslim Association in Haifa; and Jenin delegate Haidar Abd al-Hadi--send a letter to the Syrian Congress, stating their position and asking the Syrian Congress leadership to form a Palestinian delegation (from Palestinian representatives present in Damascus) that would travel directly to Europe to defend the Palestinian case.  

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3rd Palestinian National Congress Meets in Haifa
13 December 1920 - 19 December 1920
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1st Palestinian National Congress Is Held in Jerusalem
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