Event: 1st Zionist Congress Is Held in Basel

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Attended by 204 participants from 17 countries, the 1st Zionist Congress issues the Basel Program, which states that Zionism "strives for the establishment of a publicly and legally secured home in Palestine for the Jewish people" through (1) the appropriate promotion of colonizing Palestine with Jewish agriculturalists, artisans, and tradesmen; (2) the organization and gathering of all Jews through suitable local and general institutions; (3) the promotion of Jewish national feeling and consciousness; and (4) preparatory steps for the attainment of such Government consent as is necessary in order to achieve the aim of Zionism. The congress establishes the Zionist Organization, adopts its statutes, and elects Theodor Herzl as president of the organization.

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1897/8/29 - 1897/8/31
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1897/08/29 to 1897/08/31
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2nd Zionist Congress Is Held in Basel
28 August 1898 - 31 August 1898
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Establishment of the Jewish Colonization Association
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