Event: France and the Ottoman Empire Sign the Mytilene Agreements

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The Mytilene Agreements (an exchange of diplomatic letters on 2, 4, 6, 9 and 10 November) are reached by France and the Ottoman Empire, confirming the privileges granted to Catholic French institutions in the Empire and the role of France in protecting them. In Palestine (and particularly in Jerusalem), this applies to about 40 French religious communities and to institutions that depend on them (schools, hospices, orphanages). These communities are thus legally recognized and are exempt from property and direct municipal taxes and from customs. On 18 December 1913, the two sides will sign the "Constantinople Agreement" strenghtening the French privileges. In accordance with these agreements and the principle of state succession, the British Mandate will acknowledge the legal status of  French institutions in Palestine in September 1922; so too will Israel in January 1949 for the part of Palestine under its control. The Palestinian Authority will do so in December 1997.


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1901/11/2 - 1901/11/10
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1901/11/02 to 1901/11/10
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France Recognizes Israel on a de facto Basis
24 January 1949
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Establishment of European and American Consulates in Jerusalem
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