Event: Ibrahim Pasha in Palestine

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Led by Ibrahim Pasha, the son of Egypt's ruler Muhammad Ali, the Egyptian army invades Palestine and takes control of much of the region from the Ottomans. However, conquering Acre requires a six-month siege. This paves the way for the occupation of all of Bilad al-Sham (Greater Syria). A centralized government based in Damascus is put in place. Attempts are made to disarm the population and to limit local autonomy and the power of traditional elites. Because they lack funds and soldiers, the Egyptians impose a direct tax on all residents and mandatory military conscription.

Timeline Date: 
1831/10 - 1834
Computed Date: 
1831/10/01 to 1834/01/01
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Popular action Violence

Uprising Against Egyptian Rule
April 1834 - August 1834
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Napoleon Bonaparte in Palestine
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